Japanese paper shade cover

We will make a Japanese paper shade cover with your original design.

We produce shades of various shapes with Japanese paper

We produce shade covers shaped in various shapes using Japanese paper and wire. It is designed to be placed on top of the main unit pendant light. Japanese paper is coated with a coating agent to increase strength.

You can also change the lamp shade when there is a season or event. Since there is no rule that there is only one lamp shade, I think that it is good to try various patterns depending on your mood.


Japanese paper shade 笑門福来 pendant light


Japanese paper ball type pendant light


Japanese paper box type pendant light


The shade cover has a cavity at the bottom.


Prepare the pendant light body.


Just put the shade cover on the pendant light. The shade cover can be replaced.

In the case of our cause such as defective or defective products, we accept returns and exchanges. Please contact us within 7 days after delivery.

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