Pendant light

We will produce pendant lights with your original design.

We will produce a pendant light with your desired pattern

There are many types of pendant lamp shades. The pendant site will produce an original pendant light like no other by printing original patterns, illustrations, photos, etc. on an electric decoration sheet and pasting them on the lampshade.

There are a variety of patterns available on the coin site, but I think it will be even more attached because it prints what you like. Please send us the image you want to print or ask if there is such a pattern.


(Example) Dining 3 light set


● Pendant light body
Code color: White
Socket size: Φ38 × H52 (mm)
Base size: E26
Country of origin: Japan

● Lamp shade
Material: Acrylic
Printing: Illuminated sheet


It can be installed if there is a ceiling insertion slot on the ceiling.


It is such a slot.


It can be installed on a duct rail by using an optional duct plug.


The length of the cord can be adjusted by using an optional sealing cover.

In the case of our cause such as defective or defective products, we accept returns and exchanges. Please contact us within 7 days after delivery.

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